What We Offer

Before you set out to build an enclosure for your property, consider these popular materials to find the type of fencing that’s best for your needs and budget. We know getting started can be a daunting process. We are here to help.
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History shows that wood fences are a favorite for property owners due to their inexpensive nature and flexible design. From rustic styles to solid barriers, WM Fence offers a vast selection of over 20+ wood fences that are practical, decorative, strong, and secure.

Chain link fences are the ideal cost-effective, long-lasting option to protect your premises and tolerate high winds and harsh weather conditions. WM Fence offers a wide variety of chain link fencing options for house, property, backyard, or commercial buildings.

Ornamental Iron

In addition to style and versatility, one of iron’s best features is its durability. WM Fence provides the highest quality of iron fencing available in Utah. Contact us today for more information on the features and benefits of iron fencing.


State-of-the-art vinyl fencing is the premier choice for those who are looking for elegant boundaries with no regular maintenance. WM Fence provides high-quality PVC vinyl that eliminates the worries of painting or coating.


Trex Fencing composite provides a beautiful, unique, low-maintenance alternative to wood and vinyl.  Trex composite materials resist insect damage, will not rot, and can withstand hurricane-force winds. It cleans easily with soap and water and will never need to be painted or stained. Contact us today for more information on the features and benefits of Trex composite fencing.

SimTek and Bufftech

Nothing rivals the aesthetic beauty and durability of stone walls. Unfortunately, few can afford the rising costs of traditional masonry work. That’s why the services of companies like SimTek and Bufftech are in such high demand. These Fences have revolutionized the concept of stone fences with their, rotationally-molded fencing panels that mimic a realistic stone appearance.

Steel and Composite

Steel fencing is a low-maintenance option with versatile designs and a traditional appearance. Steel fencing material is optimal for entrance gates, decorative fences, fencing for dogs, pool fencing, and security fences. WM Fence offers an extensive steel fence selection in a variety of colors that maintains outstanding strength and durability. Contact us today for more information on the features and benefits of Steel fencing.


An aluminum fence is a highly durable, stylish option for homeowners looking to define their yard without blocking the view. Our aluminum fencing selection includes some of the most versatile fences on the market. From pools to yards to public property, aluminum fencing can match any terrain and any architectural style. How? Our aluminum fences have a few special features and options that take them to the next level.


It is very difficult to ensure that one fence type will meet all of the expectations for your property. We offer custom fence solutions in order to ensure that your fence will meet all of your specific requirements. These solutions can help to improve the overall appearance and security of your property, without resulting in exorbitant expenses. Our experienced team offers excellent custom fencing solutions in order to meet all of your needs.